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Reducing Idling Reduces Costs

By December 17, 2021February 10th, 2023Emissions Industry Related

Since its inception, Diesel Emissions Service has been helping fleets reduce their emissions. CEO Steve Hoke was recently interviewed on IDLE TALK with GoGreen Communications CEO Ron Zima. During the interview, they discussed the importance of reducing idle times for heavy-duty fleets, why they should, and the downstream costs associated with excessive idling.

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According to Argonne National Laboratory, long-haul heavy-duty trucks consume more than a billion gallons of fuel per year just during rest stops; including work trucks and passenger cars, over six billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel combined are wasted on idling annually.

The topic of reducing idling behavior has been controversial in the heavy-duty industry. Large fleets use their resources to analyze idling costs, while smaller fleets can feel helpless. In addition, factors like city traffic, driver behavior, and municipal and off-road duty cycles further complicate the issue.

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