On-Road Trucks


Diesel Emissions Service keeps your On-Road new and used diesel trucks up and running. Whether it be DPF cleaning, maintenance, or installing custom emissions retrofits, our extensive knowledge and experience make us the leading choice on the West Coast. Newer trucks need their DPF filters cleaned at regular intervals – usually about once a year. We’ve cleaned thousands of DPFs and have the professional equipment and technicians to service your aftertreatment system.

Before buying a used diesel truck, you need to be aware of the CARB & EPA regulations regarding emissions systems. Did you know that On-Road pre-2007 engine diesel trucks have no factory emissions installed? CARB requires emissions retrofits to be installed in order to register the vehicle in CA. DES specializes in the installation of emissions system retrofits to bring them up to CARB & EPA standards, taking the guesswork out of aftertreatment upgrades. Here are just a few of our On-Road retrofit projects.