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The United States EPA has diesel emissions standards that continue to force diesel technology to change. These technologies have branched into entirely new market segments and provide opportunities for entrepreneurial businesses.  Diesel engines produced for on-road trucks since 2007 have used diesel particulate filters (DPF) to meet these emissions standards. The service and replacement of DPFs started very small and has been growing tremendously since that time. Old trucks are replaced at a staggering rate and the DPF service and replacement market is expected be exceed $1.2 billion by the end of 2019. Many DPFs are damaged during incorrect cleaning, often at the cost of the shop providing the service. The need to service DPFs the correct way and provide top quality replacement parts has been our focus. Since 2006 Diesel Emissions Service has been involved with DPFs, the manufacturers, and the California Air Resources Board regulations regarding the correct use and service of DPFs.


The Service Partner Network (SPN) was created by Diesel Emissions Service to leverage our experience into a network of independently owned, quality and service oriented businesses.  Qualified candidates receive cutting edge cleaning techniques, equipment, technology and the most comprehensive training available for the heavy-duty diesel particulate filter (DPF) market. Customers can trust the process and support across the entire network is consistent and superior. SPN members also receive marketing support from the premier DPF service company in the industry along with access to products and services at special partner pricing. Diesel Emissions Service lends market strength to partners who are like-minded that demonstrate a commitment to the highest quality in DPF service techniques, tools, parts and customer service.


  • We offer complete DPF equipment cleaning packages, including online and onsite training to get your staff up-to-speed and cleaning filters quickly.
  • Get access to discounted OEM replacement filters, gaskets, and the first filter cleaning service application available on the market.
  • We will help drive customers to your business through marketing campaigns, online exposure, and publicity at trade shows.
  • By limiting the SPN to select businesses the quality of service and local profit margins can be maintained to the benefit of both customers and the network.



The DPF support industry is growing very quickly and truck owners need service and parts that are not entirely controlled by the original equipment manufacturers.  This network provides the means to jump into the industry without investing years of experience and scrambling to find top-quality replacement parts.  Businesses that qualify for the DES Service Partner Network should be prepared for expanding customer base, a step into the clean diesel technology industry and business growth.

For more information about how to become a service partner email us at, fill out the contact form or call 888-792-2922.

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