About DES in San Leandro

Diesel Emissions Service’s (DES) San Leandro facility was opened in 2009, during the Bay Area Air Quality Management Port retrofit project, to accommodate and service the trucks going in and out of the Port of Oakland. Over the last two years, we have retrofit approximately 400 port-specific trucks, and adapted the location for DPF installation’s on all heavy-duty trucks.

Located right off of Interstate 880, DES’s San Leandro facility is in a convenient location, easily accessible for servicing, and a perfect option for those diesels involved in the shipping and logistics of the Port and greater Bay Area.

Services Include:

Full Service DPF Cleaning: Maintenance and servicing to meet all of your diesel needs.

DPF Installations: Offering heavy-duty, on-road and off-road diesel application installations. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you!

Retrofit Service and Wear Parts: We currently provide our in-house retrofit gaskets, as well as an expanding OEM gasket line, and many replacement wear parts for your DPF’s.

DES is a trained and certified distributor for numerous DPF industry manufacturers including: Huss, CDTi, DCL, Hug, Donaldson, ESW Group, Nett and Johnson Matthey. Our partnerships with these experts ensure DES can offer you the best parts and services in the industry, regardless of the project.

Our newest endeavor, Filtertherm™, is one of our personal projects and marks DES’s entry into the market of cleaning machines specifically geared towards cleaning DPF’s.

Whether you need gaskets, parts, a filter cleaning, or simply have questions, we are at your service – visit us today!

The San Leandro Team

Contact the San Leandro Team

1471 Doolittle Drive
San Leandro, CA 94577
t. 510.635.5361
f. 510.635.0870

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